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The Big Picture

The SaruWiki is mainly ment as a reference for the members of the Saruwiki Admin Team themselves. If, however, other people can benefit from our experiences, then so much the better :-)

The Admin Team

These are the principal members of the SaruWiki Admin Team:

  • Jan "Saruman!" S.

Jan works as a technical consultant infrastructure at a large IT company. As such, he helps customers with Unix and Linux servers, networks, security, virtualization and documentation. In his spare time (if any), he listens to progressive rock music and organizes his way-too-big iTunes library, rides a hi-tech hybrid car, reads sci-fi and fantasy, and plays a bit with a digital camera. He is married and has a daughter.

  • Henri "Insomnia" S.

Henri works as a system and network engineer at a medium sized county. This means he has to pick up every technical problems his collegues do not feel comfortable with. In his spare time Henri flies model helicopters, rides a motorcycle, tinkers with various cars, remodels his house, and entertains his family. Henri's married and has two daughters.