Configuring and testing SIP and IAX2

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Configuring SIP

In this section we'll be configuring our Asterisk to accept a SIP client, like a VoIP telephone or a softphone. The Book tells us that we should begin with a most simple sip.conf file, so we will:



With this setup, and the secret password (in this example Marilli0n) we can easily test if the SIP phone works. OK, so we're guessing your Asterisk was running when you changed or created your sip.conf. Connect to Asterisk, and in the CLI, reload the diaplpan and SIP channel:

asterisk -rvvv
*CLI> dialplan reload
*CLI> sip reload

Configuring an X-Lite softphone

The configuration of an X-Lite is quite simple.

Configuring a SNOM360 softphone

From the SNOM site you can download a SNOM360 softfone.

Configuring IAX2

This concerns the inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol.