Big Bag'o'utilities

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All utilities listed below are command line utilities; install them using apt-get install or aptitude.

  • apticron checks your system daily, and mails you when there are updates for packages
  • ccze can "colorize" output, e.g. tail -f /var/log/syslog | ccze
  • ethtool can change settings for ethernet cards, like speed and duplex
  • ipcalc is an IP address/mask calculator
  • ( iproute helps viewing and setting the IP configuration - under Lenny it's installed by default, under Etch you'll have to do it yourself)
  • iptraf is an IP traffic monitor
  • less is a utility to view text files;
  • lsof can show all open files
  • multitail can follow multiple (log)files in one terminal
  • pwgen is a password generator
  • sudo enables you to execute commands with another user's credentials
  • tcpdump is a network sniffer
  • pciutils contains the lspci command, which can be useful to review your hardware

The following are compression and archiving tools:

  • arj is a tool for the .arj file format
  • bzip2 is for .bz2 files
  • p7zip is for .7z archives
  • unzip is for the .zip file format
  • xz-utils is a toolkit for LZ/M compression; adding it will make tar understand .xz files
  • zoo is for the .zoo file format