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Project List

The following projects need to be done on the SaruWiki Admin Team home servers

Priority 1

  1. Reconfiguration of SaMBa to use OpenLDAP
  2. Reconfiguration of Horde3 to use OpenLDAP
  3. Reconfiguration of postfix/courier Virtual Mailbox setup to use OpenLDAP

Priority 2

  1. Installation of a certificate authority
  2. Reconfiguration of OpenSSH to use certificates instead of passwords
  3. Installation of Asterisk, to use XS4all VoIP together with KPN analog telephone lines.

Priority 3

  1. Configuration of WebDAV on Apache2
  2. Configure traffic shaping measures, e.g. HTB
  3. Configure MythTV

Priority 4

The following projects are research projects only, so they're listed under Prio 4:

  1. IET iSCSI Enterprise Target: have a Linux server become an iSCSI target
  2. iSCSI initiator on Linux
  3. (semi)dynamic persistant route addition by scripting something under /etc/network/if-up.d

Finished projects

  1. Create a startup script for setting /proc/sys - was already there, see Procsys recommendations
  2. Create a startup script for setting network routes - using the available networking options, see networking section. We still could look into more elaborate scripts under /etc/network/if-up.d but that's a really low priority expansion on persistant routing.
  3. Create an IPtables parser script (the "Iceditch" project, see the firewall section)
  4. Installation and configuration of OpenLDAP to augment passwd - see the OpenLDAP section.